Marketing Refinement

from Local to global

Innovating Constantly – Operating Transparently

Marketing Refinement

from Local to global

Innovating Constantly – Operating Transparently

About the company

BAGADI CONSULTING LLC, focuses on helping brands maximize their sales and profitability by providing complete strategic development, management, and operational services. Our talented team seasoned by experience uses a tailor-fit process for every client to ensure that every expectation is met. We do this by focusing on the latest trends and innovating products accumulated from our data-driven process

What we do

Protect your brand

Establishing your brand requires a strong foundation. We set-up your brand to thrive by providing expertise, experience, and 24/7 online support to increase your brand authority from unauthorized sellers from winning the buy box.

Engage Consumers

High-quality content is a must in the digital world. We expand and innovate by the trend to provide tailor-fit quality content for your brand ensuring more engagement from the consumers.

Automate the Process

From A-Z we got it covered. We develop a strong, efficient, and adaptable infrastructure for your brand by automating your supply chain and logistical operations while handling every aspect of the fulfillment process


Amazon Listing Optimization

We are your dedicated point of contact to assist in planning and ensure execution. We will act as an extension of your brand and help in outlining your goals

Brand Control and Compliance

To ensure the success of your brand, we can help you develop a tailor-fit selling strategy even before going live in Amazon. We can help you resolve any issue regarding your compliance enforcement while creating plans, audits and identifying prospect sellers.

Customer Support

We are a team who believes that every consumer deserves an A+ experience. Our dedicated team of professional customer service representatives will run a 24/7 monitoring process to ensure every customer has a great experience.

Digital Marketing

We have a dedicated team of tech-savvy individuals monitoring the marketing trend. We can help you build strategies and create engaging advertisements focused on the latest marketing funnels.

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    Innovating Constantly – Operating Transparently


    Our Goal

    Implement an effective marketing strategy tailor made for our clients to increase their ROI and ensure customers satisfaction

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